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City: Bucharest

Location: Crystal Palace Ballroom

Address: Calea Rahovei 198A, Sector 5

Date: 13-15 Oct 2017

City: Bucharest

Crystal Palace Ballroom


Marked by distinction and refinement, the most elegant event center of the capital, you enter into a classic or eclectic atmosphere, through the personal attitude of each of the 6 halls that have already been successful in organizing any event, from the "corporate" Such as congresses, seminars, symposiums, conferences, trainings, to private, wedding, baptismal, anniversary or party events. Besides events that meet the requirements of precise rules, any challenge in creating an unusual event is welcomed with enthusiasm!

Projections, product presentations, fashion presentations, concerts, exhibition facilities, and any other presentation concept can find their ideal place at Crystal Palace Ballrooms. Do not forget about one of the strong points of the location, consisting of extremely spacious parking, where up to 350 cars can be freely hired!


Incredible venue, Amazing guest stars, Best Romanian traditional food, Contest and prizes

Join us at Crystal Palace Ballrooms