City: Bucharest

Location: Bragadiru Palace

Address: Calea Rahovei, 147-153

Date: 01-03 Nov 2019



The building appears for the first time on the geographical plans made by the Army Geographical Institute between 1895 – 1899 and 1911.

The construction of this “Colossus”, as the building was referred to during its beginnings, was made according to the plans conceived by the Austrian architect Anton Shuckerl in 1894 on the private site located at the crossroads between Kalitei Bridge (also known as Calitei or Podul Calicilor - Paupers’ Bridge, the present-day Calea Rahovei) and the marking given by the South-East cornice of Dambovita river, significant presence for the urban relief.

Dumitru Marinescu Bragadiru conceived the “Colossus” as a recreation place, thus honouring a brewery tradition to have a nearby relaxation place, as were the summer garden “Eliseul Luther” or the pub, the restaurant and the shows and dancing hall “Colosseul Oppler”, entirely demolished today.

An example of the historic times Bucharest, the building became Bragadiru Palace, casting its beauty and historic charm. The eclectic architecture combining a luxuriant ornamental repertoire harmonically used for the facade as well as for the interiors, fully reflects the atmosphere of the 1900’s.

Comprised of a spectacular ballroom, serving also as a theater and a concert hall, with a library, a bowling alley and many rooms and shops on the ground level, it was an impressive structure interfusing architectural styles of the most renowned buildings of that time: the Chamber of Commerce, the Romanian Post Office, the CEC Savings House and the Supreme Court of Justice, all built during the same period.

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