Yall Quinones - Yall



Origin: Puerto Rico -


Email: yallzee@inkedmag.com



When it comes to serious tattoo body suit collectors, there are those that have a precise plan of action with a certain artist or small group of artists and there are others that have an intention to get covered with tattoos from the best artists the tattoo community has to offer. Here enters Yall Quinones. For those that have met Yall at tattoo conventions inside and outside of the U.S. he most notably goes by Yallzee. And, if you haven’t met him personally I’m sure you took a good look at him and his near “complete” body suit.

Hailing from Puerto Rico, Yallzee was kind enough – and even excited – to answer some questions I put together. It was a pleasure to correspond with Yallzee throughout this process and as you will see with his responses he is truly dedicated to getting tattooed and the community as a whole. No need to approach him with caution at conventions, Yallzee is always enthusiastic to talk tattoos. Who knows, this die-hard may even inspire you to take the plunge into body suit territory. If not, he will surely point you in the right direction to your next quality tattoo.

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