Ana Munteanu



Birthday: 1985-02-18

Origin: Romania - Bucharest


Ana Munteanu, fine artist and sand artist, born in Chisinau, Republic of Moldova.

Master of Arts at the Faculty of Fine Arts, Academy of Music, Theater and Fine Arts from Republic of Moldova, Ana has been teaching as a superior lecturer for six years at the institution she graduated from.

Throughout her studies, Ana combines a variety of painting techniques by developing her own style with basics of classical academic painting and surrealist influences. Also, the artist works with the sand art technique, which she improves over time, ending up with TV shows and international tours.
In her paintings, Ana approaches various subjects and symbols, blending the reality with fiction.

“I think a picture must represent more than the reality seen everyday, because the main purpose of an artist is to translate his imagination on a flat surface three-dimensional. Of course, there are artists who paint subjects of everyday life and nature exactly as we see them, but I prefer in my author works to represent all of this through my imagination because my perception of the world, however, changes through interaction with my inner world. “

On the site are exhibited author works available for purchase, but the artist also executes commissions on various topics.

Ana currently lives and works in Romania.

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