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Sic Nis



Origin: United Kingdom - London


Sic’Nis An acronym for Succeed-In(g) Impossible Circumstances Needs Intellectual Strength.

Sic'Nis is a prolific MC, Writer, Mentor, leads a 5 piece band & hosts a weekly Breakfast Show on Birmingham’s (UK) number 1 Black Arts & Culture Radio Station, NewStyle 98.7FM. Nicknamed the “Queen of Bad-Assery” - and described as having “the quirkiness of Missy Elliot; the articulation & swagger of Foxy Brown; the intelligence & common sense of Common, topped with a whole lotta Tina Turner sass” by fans of her stage show,

Sic’Nis seamlessly fuses her lyrical wordplay across ALL genres (be it Hip-Hop, Neo-Soul or Rock & everything in between) and, when coupled with her band, the results have been coined as “Energetic Ghetto Funk dipped in Jamaican Hot Sauce!!”

After randomly being selected out of 200 thousand people to perform alongside Ghostface Killah of Wu Tang Clan (who’s noted as saying “I know a lotta females that do this, but she’s the illest!”) at the Frauenfeld OpenAir Festival in Switzerland (July 2016), Sic’Nis then joined Ghostface and Killah Priest on their ’WuGoo European Promotional Tour’b(September-October 2016), performing in 8 countries. She has also (in brief) supported Immortal Tech, Akala, Luciano in concert, met Prime Minister David Cameron .

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