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Rich Morrison - Durb



Origin: United States - Ohio

Tattoo salon: RedTree Tattoo Gallery





Considered an industry veteran now, Durb has always worked hard his entire career and strives to give back to tattooing and the industry by teaching his educational seminar “Longevity Of The Tattoo Artist”, where he teaches healthy, preventative ways to prolong an artist’s career by staying strong, limber and aware of their bodies throughout their career.

Durb has consulted for some of today’s top tattoo conventions and continues to travel the world for various tattoo conventions, seminars and guest spots. Durb has had artwork sell in numerous art galleries throughout his career. He’s also the owner of Pint Size Paintings, which has released Volume #1 “Miniature Paintings By Big Artists” which is now a free app on the iphone store as well as Volume #2. Durb is also a proud father to Sid Morrison and when he isn’t working (which is rare) he finds time to paint, write, design, train jiujitsu, snowboard, play video games and hang out with family and friends. He enjoys other mediums of art outside of tattooing, including wood sculpture, metal sculpture, watercolor, oil painting, acrylic painting and graphic design. We hope you enjoy the new website and be sure to take your time to browse all the tattoos, fine art, design and much more!

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